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Learn How myRxMedSaver Works & Save on Prescription Drugs!

If you’re one of the more than 250 million Americans who have health insurance, chances are you’ve overpaid for prescription medication when paying with your prescription co-pay. How can this be? Your co-pay amount is just a number established by your insurance company; it has little to do with actual drug pricing. Learn how to save on prescription drugs with the myRxMedSaver discount app.

Save On Prescription Drugs with the myRxMedSaver Prescription Discount Savings Card and App

Here’s a real-life example of a co-pay overpayment in action:

For Tony, the high cost of prescription drugs hit home when his doctor prescribed medication to treat his cholesterol. The problem was, the medication prescribed cost upwards of $860 per year… even using his insurance plan. With myRxMedSaver, Tony learned how to save on prescription drugs and was able to reduce his annual prescription cost to just $275, which equals a savings of $585 per year.

myRxMedSaver unlocks a discounted cash price for any prescription medication giving you the information you need to get the best deal possible.

Here’s How it Works

1. myRxMedSaver negotiates prescription drug discounts on your behalf with our extensive network of pharmacies – 65,000 nationwide!

2. You show myRxMedSaver at pharmacy checkout, which provides the pharmacist the exact information they need to unlock the discounted cash pricing

3. If the discounted cash pricing is less than your co-pay, pay it, and pocket the savings!

Prescription Discount App Location Reminder

Get the Most Out of myRxMedSaver with Automated Reminders

Once you’ve downloaded the myRxMedSaver® app in the Apple App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android, simply:

  1. Choose your preferred pharmacy using the map or list view in the My Pharmacy tab.
  2. You’ll receive a reminder to use your card when you visit your preferred pharmacy.
  3. Show myRxMedSaver to the pharmacist to receive a discount of 10-85% on your prescription medications.

Discount card program. myRxMedSaver is not insurance.