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At myRxMedSaver, we know what it’s like to worry about the price of healthcare. A few years ago, our founder’s wife contracted a serious illness that required an aggressive drug treatment program. Even with good medical insurance, her prescription co-pays started adding up fast each month. Concerned about these rising costs, our founder learned everything he could about America’s health insurance industry and how co-pays actually work. He discovered that his family’s prescription co-pay was actually taking money out of their pocket! This led him to create myRxMedSaver – a prescription discount app and discount card program that easily unlocks the power of cash pricing so that he’d never pay more than he should for his family’s medications again.

The MyRxMedSaver Prescription Discount App Saves You Money on Your Prescription Medication

Never Overpay For Prescription Medications Again

Since our start, we have helped thousands of people pay less for prescription drugs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from getting the best deal possible – especially if they have health insurance!

Today, myRxMedSaver is committed to educating consumers about how to protect themselves from overpaying for the prescription medications they need to live healthier lives. Now, knowing the cash price of any medication is simple – download the myRxMedSaver prescription discount app. Or, print a discount card and slip it in your wallet to have it available the next time you visit the pharmacy. Once you get myRxMedSaver, you’ll have taken the first step to protecting yourself from overpaying for prescription drugs again.

We believe your prescription co-pay should never rip you off. You deserve the peace of mind knowing you’ve gotten the best deal possible.

Get started saving with the prescription discount app myRxMedSaver today.

Here’s to you and your family’s health.

Prescription discount card program. myRxMedSaver is not insurance.