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To get started, here are some Rx discount program education templates that you may access, customize and share with your team. Click any image to download the file.

Rx Discount Program PDF information sheet
PDF information sheet
Rx Discount Program PDF flyer to print and display
PDF flyer to print and display
myRxMedSaver content for HR
myRxMedSaver content for HR

Learn How it Works

Our Co-pay Challenge allows your employees to identify when the cash price of a prescription is less expensive than their insurance co-pay AND which local pharmacy offers the best price.

Use of the search engine tool is free to your employees.

And, it’s completely confidential. You never know who uses the search engine. We never know either, so we never contact them.

Since 2012 we’ve helped thousands of people save millions of dollars. Our program works.

Let’s face it, healthcare costs continue to rise. Every bit of money your employees can save helps stave off rising healthcare costs for them and you.

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